Dear Parents, Scoil San Carlo Senior NS has teamed up with SMART Edu Club to provide your children with the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Field Trip to NASA. Get ready to welcome NASA Specialists to your living room! These programmes have three parts: pre-work, 1 hour LIVE interactive session with NASA Specialists, and follow-up activities. You can choose either: ✔ How to Build a Satellite (suitable for 10+yo) - Wed, 12 May at 6pm ✔ Living & Working in Space (suitable for 5+yo) - Fri, 14 May at 6pm
The NASA Virtual Field Trip Interactive Session will take place on Zoom with a small audience and will be live streamed to SMART Edu Clubs's private Facebook Group so more students can participate. Students will get a chance to engage with our team of experts through a monitored chat.
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