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4th class Aquatics
Our school distributed the A.S.F. Pupil Questionnaire,
discussed the findings and acted upon the feedback.
All classes receive 60 minutes of timetabled P.E. each week
(this includes Aquatics 6 week blocks in 4th and 5th)
“Staff members have completed recent training in Physical Education and shared what
they have learned with all staff. “
4th Classes
Active Flag
Gymnastics: Our Priority P.E. Strand
Our school has prioritised Gymnastics as our P.E. strand for further development this
year. All classes took part in Gymnastics during P.E. for the first half of Term Two.
Guidelines from the P.D.S.T. website and P.S.S.I. lesson plans to help teachers teach the
Gymnastics strand, were distributed among staff and put on display in the staffroom for
teachers to borrow. Our Gymnastics equipment such as the horse, incline wedges,
benches and mats were left at the side of our P.E. Hall during these weeks so they were
easily accessible to all classes.  All classes practiced and developed the various rolls and
worked through the lesson plans using our equipment to help perfect their gymnastics
skills. We really enjoyed our Gymnastics P.E. Lessons.
Parent and Pupil Questionnaire Results
No.1-6 P.E. & P.E. H
 Of all the strands, Games and
Athletics proved to be the most popular choice of students with
the majority of students enjoying P.E. Parents are generally
delighted with P.E. Homework and our P.E. programme. Most
parents would like more information on school reports about
P.E. progress, we will work on this in June. They would like to
see more daily P.E./more activity. We are addressing this with
initiatives such as The Daily Mile. Parents had a very positive
reaction to the daily run using comments such as “It helps his
self esteem” and “We have seen a huge improvement in our
child’s fitness due to running daily”.
No.7-10 Break times:
Classroom activity breaks and break times
are really enjoyed by our students according to them and their
parents. Most parents agreed that their children are happy with
the playground environment and yard buddies although a few
suggested investing in an onsite playground. Suggestions were
made to improve our playground breaks, such as “More
equipment on yard”, “Basketball nets on yard”. Our school back
yard is being resurfaced this Easter so Basketball can be played
safely again. The school has also invested is Elastics for children
to play with on yard.
No.11 Fundamental Movement Skills:
 The majority of parents
thought that their children are proficient in most of the F.M.S. A
few would like to see further development of “striking with an
implement”. Every class is currently working on F.M.S. Children
are enjoying the games element while learning Fundamental
Movement Skills.
No.12-14 Active School Week and Physical Activity:
and children unanimously agreed that their children enjoy
Active School Week. There was a suggestion for more Athletics.
A lot of parents were unsure of the recommended minutes of
Physical Activity that children should do every day. About 50% of
parents knew it is 60 minutes per day.
No.15-17 Active School part of Website:
 More than 50% of
parents had not yet seen the A.S. part of the school website. To
address this, the school will send a message to all parents about
the website in the lead up to A.S.W. Those who had seen it, all
had very positive comments to make, such as “Mental and
Physical Wellbeing is a priority in this school”. In relation to
helping out with the Active School Committee, most parents
have a lot of commitments and lead very busy lives so don’t
have the time to help out. A few said they may help out during
Primary Aquatics Water Safety – PAWS
This programme was specially tailored for primary school pupils and is
exclusive to schools. Schools now have the opportunity to be part of Irish
Water Safety’s fastest growing programme.
Teachers have the ability to certify their pupils with nationally recognised
awards from our programme that is recommended by the Department of
Education and Science.
Teachers can take their class through the first three awards without going
near water -
Land PAWS 1, 2 and 3
These awards consist of
theory of water safety
safe swimming
safety on the farm
safety on open water etc.
The awards become more detailed as the pupils progress (Land PAWS 2
and 3) - simulated rescues on land, e.g. throwing a rescue rope into a
designated area