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Fyffes fit squad initiative 2022 Our school signed up to Fyffes Fit Squad. Fyffes Fit Squad is a multi award-winning programme that gets kids active through easy-to-learn and fun-to-do exercises. The fit squad has well known coaches in David Gillick and Phil Healy. Our school has earned 693 banana points to date from completing the exercises.
Fyffes fit squad logo
Fyffes Fit Squad January 2022
Mr Duignan 5th class taking part in Fyffes Fit Squad Exercises
Ms Ward 4th class taking part in Fyffes Fit Squad
RUN A DAY CHALLENGE 2022 Our school has committed to the 4 week Run Around Ireland Challenge The Run Around Ireland challenge is a key criteria for renewal of our active flag. This running challenge will help children learn about Ireland famous landmarks and bringing the learning outdoors. How we prepared for challenge? Each class were given a Run Around Ireland sheet (see pictures) The pupils had to work out the distance between the school and the different landmarks using google maps. The pupils committed to running every day for 4 weeks. The pupils ran laps each day around the school(1 lap =1 km). When pupils reached the required landmark distance, they ticked it off the list.
Active homework Pupils have been keeping active at home too through the active homework initiative. The pupils must complete one physical activity every day for homework The pupils colour in the activity when they have it finished on their active homework sheet. The pupils have participated really well and this has helped their health and wellbeing.
Location of landmarks
Distance between school and landmarks
Active Homework sheet