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6th Class Canal Trail Walk
4th classes at the National Aquatics Centre completing the Aquatics Strand of the P.E. Curriculum.
Playground Leaders PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
Playground Leaders in action at yardtime
Boys silver medal winners at the Brother Invitational Cross Country Race
Boys and Girls Cross Country Team who won Division 2 of the Fingal Athletics League and gained promotion to Division 1 off the league
Trophy winners at the Brother Invitational Cross Country Race
Our school is taking part in the "Active Break Every Day Challenge"  which involves a ten minute activity break every day. We know that physical activity helps us to stay healthy, concentrate and focus while we have fun! Rainy Day Breaks  We have a ten minute running, dance or exercise break after rainy day breaks.
Early Morning Hurling with Mick Gillick and Will Maher
Scoil San Carlo Cross Country Team who won 4 individual gold medals 1individual silver 1 individual bronze in the Leixlip Cross Country race. In the team competition u10 boys’ and girls’ teams finished in first place. u13 boys won gold and the u13 girls won team silver. Thanks to Niall Sherlock for all his hard work with the team and to all the teachers and who are participating in the "Run Around Europe Challenge". Their efforts can be seen in these wonderful results.
“ The whole school are currently completing the “Let’s Get Active Award” 4 weeks challenge organised by the Irish Heart Foundation. This encourages all pupils to get active for 60+ minutes every day. We are now doing Active Homework every Wednesday night and everyone is enjoying trying new activities and moving more in school and at home! “
5th Class enjoying their 10@10 activity break on a rainy January day!
All pupils have just completed the Irish  Heart Foundation’s “Let’s Get Active” four  week challenge. We really enjoyed  documenting all our various activities in  school and at home.   Here are 5th class with their Award  Certificates they received on completion!  
“Can play with any time” “They play all the games you like and even new ones that I had never heard of” “They play the games you wouldn’t usually play” This is what some of the younger pupils have said about Yard Buddies . Yard Buddies is one of the best improvements to our yard. A group of people from 6th class and the Active Committee go onto the 3rd class yard and teach them responsibility, ownership and how to include fair play in their games. The yard buddies teach the children new and exciting games. We love when it is our turn to be Yard Buddies! Alex Rochford, 6th Class Ms. O’Shea’s Class
It is scientifically proven that children who are active are better learners than those that are not. We also noticed this when we completed our ‘Run Around Europe Challenge’. The challenge was about getting children moving by running laps around the school. We then had to use math’s to calculate how many laps that we did then measure it on a map of Europe. We reached cities like London and Paris. It was a great way of getting moving and having a break from schoolwork. Madeline Johnson 6th class
Non-competitive Running Initiatives Run Around Europe Challenge: Oct-Dec: All classes participated in the Run Around Europe Challenge for these months. Each class did three laps per day of either the front yard/back yard or the school building. (3 laps represented  1km) Each class had a large map of Europe hung up on their classroom door. We took note of how many km’s each class ran per day (x number of students) and plotted the destinations reached on the maps. We also did this on a large scale by plotting the entire schools distance covered on a large map on our Active School notice board in the P.E. Hall. Let’s Get Active: Jan-Feb: This four week initiative was done using a booklet published by the Irish Heart Foundation. Classes continued to do at least 3 laps per day and documented this and all other activities in their booklets. Activities included school, home and travel. Each pupil received a certificate on completion of this four week challenge. The Daily Mile: Mar-Jun: All classes are now running for fifteen minutes every day. We have worked out that a mile is just over 9 laps around our school. Children begin by jogging and many continue to jog/run for the entire fifteen minutes. However, children are encouraged to go at their own pace, they may jog/walk/jog if needed. On rainy days laps are completed in the school hall.